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Cat Portraits

Archive of Cat Portraits 1999 - 2010

Recent Cat Portraits

Tabby and white cat - Wee Yin


''Many thanks, my mum is going to be thrilled when she receives the portrait. You've definitely captured the "wee yin". Thank you for your hard work, this was a last minute idea for my mums 60th, and you've come through with the goods with more than 2 weeks to go.''

cat portrait - Spike, Black and white cat

Black and white cat portrait - Spike



''Thank you so much, that's my Spike .....I received the portrait of Spike yesterday and was very moved and to see him portrayed. Thank you so much for all your patience and your lovely work.''

ginger tom cat portrait of Leo

Ginger Tom Cat Portrait - Leo



''...absolutely perfect!...''

''..thank you so much for all your time, the likeness is uncanny and I'm sure my mum will be thrilled to have such a stunning memoir of her dear old Leo.''

black and whie cat - Fluffy

Long haired black and white cat portrait - Fluffy



''The picture of Fluffy is superb, much better than I had hoped, given the somewhat poor quality photographs that I provided. Thank you so much, I just know that Fluffy's owner will be delighted.''

Tawny Abyssinian Cat Portrait - Simba



''We are so pleased with your detail. This is exactly as he is, particularly the eyes. Much better than we had hoped for.''

Long Haired Grey Cat portrait - Sherry

Long Haired Grey Cat - Sherry



''I am very pleased with the portrait of Sherry, it was a lovley birthday present from the family, you have caught the look of him exactly. Many thanks''

chocolate point siamese cat portrait - Sammo

Chocolate Point Siamese Cat Portrait - Sammo



''The picture is fantastic. You have captured his expression perfectly.''


Tabby Cat Portrait - Sox



''....it looks lovely, even better on paper! Thanks very much.''

Burmese Cat Portrait - Treacle



''I think the portrait is great -Treacle at her best...''

''..I now have Treacle's portrait hung on the front room wall.
.It looks very well and all my friend think you have got Treacle's eyes just right - sheis clearly plotting what next to do.''


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