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Dog Portraits

Archive of Dog Portraits 1999 - 2010

Recent Dog Portraits

black lab dog portrait Gem

Black Labrador Dog Portrait - Gem


''I have just viewed the portrait of Gem, it was almost as though Gem was looking straight back at me, I never imagined that it would look so life like. My husband will be thrilled with this when he sees it. You have done a fantastic life like portrait of her. Thank you.''



West Highland Terrier portrait of  Sparkey

West Highland Terrier - Sparky



''Amy was so delighted with her picture of Sparky her face was a picture yesterday morning, priceless for me....thanks again for getting it done so quickly for her birthday. ''

Amy says:

''Thank you so much for the beautiful picture you drew of Sparky. its the best pressie I've ever received - second after my dog of course which I got when I was 9. It looks just like her now and it will be the best memory I could ever have.''


cocker spaniel - dog portrait of dylan

Cocker Spaniel Dog Portrait - Dylan



''What a superb portrait of Dylan, I am so pleased. It is definitely him! Thank you so much. I am sure my husband Ron is going to be delighted with his Christmas present, I will have to restrain myself from giving it to him early!''

''.... it is even better than when viewed online.... as I expected, my husband loved the portrait of Dylan, he said you've captured his likeness perfectly! All in all, a perfect present! Thank you once again.''


 shih  tzu dog portrait - Maisy Muffin

Shih -Tzu dog Portrait - Maisy Muffin



''Absolutely love the portrait of Maisy Muffin - you've captured her to a tee. Thank you so much for#doing such a fantastic job.
At last I've got my dad a Christmas present that I KNOW he's going to love!''




Boxer Dog Portrait - Tara



It's absolutely fabulous I'm so thrilled with it.  It's amazing you've picked up on her quirkiness, oh thank you so so much!


english setter - Max

English Setter Dog Portrait - Max



''Thank you so much for the portrait of Max. I don't know what to say. You've captured him beautifully - I'm sitting here in tears! ''



Dog Portrait - Weimaraner Kiah

Weimaraner Dog Portrait -Kiah


''The picture of Kiah is great. Its my wife's birthday on Sunday and she hasn't a clue I have asked you to do this.
This is the third dog portrait you have done for us....''

''....When Alison opened her present on Sunday she almost cried. The likeness is fantastic. The picture has pride of place above Daisy's and Milly's. They just get better and better.''

bearded collie - Kirby

Bearded Collie - Kirby ( Wookie)



''As always, you have captured the dog beautifully as well as Kirby's gentle loveable nature and her kind attentive loyal personality. Thank you! ......I will surely recommend you for friends & family and indeed I'm sure I'll be back...''

''...Its even better than the photograph you used. So life-like. It's Kirby (also known as Wookie) without a doubt. Thank you very, very much.''


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Archive of Dog Portraits 1999 - 2011

Recent Dog Portraits

Archive of Dog Portraits, Head Studies 1999-2011
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