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Jack Russell Portraits in Pastel by UK animal portrait artist

Sally Logue - Animal and Pet Portraits since 1991  

Guaranteed good likeness - preview your portrait online prior to payment and dispatch!

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Jack Russell - portrait of Morag

Jack Russel - Morag

jack russells - portrait of Lewis

Jack Russell - Lewis

Jack Russel - Portrait of Ellie

Jack Russell - Ellie

jack russells - portrait of Russ

Jack Russel - Russ

Jack Russell Portraits by Sally Logue

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The Jack Russell is a tough little dog, that is full of character, loyal and affectionate with its family but not always friendly towards strangers. They are excellent guard dogs.

Description & History

The breed originated in Devon early in the nineteenth century and was named and established by its founder, Parson John (Jack) Russell, MFH. Parson Russell was a sporting cleric whose love of hunting and a good terrier took priority over his ecclesiastical duties! During his time at Oxford University he had found in the village of Marsden such a terrier, called Trump, which he acquired from a local milkman. This terrier is believed to have been crossed with a Devon hunt terrier and their descendants formed the foundation stock of the breed. To this original stock other terrier strains have been introduced over the years to produce today's dogs. Jack Russell believed that a working dog should preferably be the size and weight of a vixen.

The present day breed varies in size, weight and coat. Some are smooth-coated and short-legged, others longer-legged with smooth coats, while some of the longer-legged variety are rough coated and resemble the old wire-coated Fox Terrier. The Jack Russell is a hardy dog that was bred to work the fox. They have excellent noses which make them ideal hunters of all types of vermin - rats, weasels, rabbits, field mice and even the odd stoat. On a farm or in a stable yard they work tirelessly to keep all vermin under control. All hedgerows and fields are always thoroughly searched to make sure that any small animal which happens to have the misfortune to be away from home is promptly eliminated.


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