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Welsh Springer Portraits in Pastel by UK animal portrait artist

Guaranteed good likeness - preview your portrait online prior to payment and dispatch!


Spike, Merlin, Holly and Willow

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Breed Information - Welsh Springers

A breed with plenty of initiative which they put to full use when hunting and retrieving. They have excellent temperaments making them ideal companions and family dogs.

Description & History

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is an ancient and pure-bred dog which dates back to Norman times. Records hundreds of years old and still in existence mention dogs very similar to the Welsh Springer, but it was not until 1859 that there was any definite description of the breed. Canine experts believe the Welsh Springer and the Brittany Spaniel share the same ancestry. These same experts also believe that immigrants, from Brittany, who settled in the southern part of Wales brought their dogs with them. It is quite possible that this theory is true as the breed, up until the First World War, was mostly found in the south of Wales.

The breed, which was known in the Principality of Wales as a Starter, attracted little attention outside its own country until the end of the nineteenth century. In 1902 the breed was officially recognised by the British Kennel Club and its name was changed from Welsh Cocker to Welsh Springer.

The colours of the breed - red and and pure white - are one of the dog's distinguishing features. Smaller and more refined than the English Springer and not so popular, these dogs make up for lack of size with ability, determination and endless stamina. They are keen, hard working and highly proficient gundogs which are capable of hunting most type of game.

The Welsh Springer if not properly trained from an early age will take to hunting on its own. If time and patience is taken with their development they will on command willingly find, flush and retrieve for their owner. They adapt to a town or country home providing they receive regular exercise.

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