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Dog Portraits - Double Head Studies - Dog Portrait Archive

Dogs in Double Portraits Gallery 12
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pastel portrait of ridgebacks - Zak and Kayla
Zak and Kayla

Dillon and Poppy
  pastel portrait of border collies Bracken and Jess
border collies
Bracken and Jess

Freddie and Maisie

portrait of red setter and gordon setter
red and gordon setters
Chilli and Diesel

pastel portrait of lurcher and border collie
lurcher and border collie
Joker and Poppy

Buster and 'P'

min poodle x basset pups
Rascal and Ruby

Lab cross
Cleo and Millie

springer spaniels
Bobby and Glen

champion trail hounds
Bella and Minnie

patterdale terriers
Alfie and Tess

Cocker Spaniels
Milly and Alfie



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