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Dog Portraits - Double Head Studies - Dog Portrait Archive

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Dogs (double portraits) Gallery 8
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tibetian terriers _ sully and Lucy

Sully and Lucy


Dannii and Keira

cross breeds - Billie and Milo

Billie and Milo


2 springer spaniels

Gus and Tig

2 black labs

Millie and Mouse

beagel and bassat

Lucy and Mim

husky and pomeranian x spitz

Kiev and Foxy


beagle and beagle pup - wellington and boots

Wellington and Boots

border collie and german shepherd dog - bud and murphy

Bud and Murphy

st bernards - portrait of Harry and Huggy

Harry and Huggy


jack russel and terrier dog portrait

Macho and Spikey

yellow lab and golden retriever - Hermes and Oliver

Hermes and Oliver


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