The camera is often a split second behind the perfect shot

Chelsie - Rottweilers

For best results remember {{H.E.A.P}} Help, Expression, Attention, Position


Ideally you will need 3 people, one to hold your dog or cat, one to get it's attention and one to take the photo.


It is most important to capture the individual character of your subject. Look for any distinguishing features and try to get that typical expression that makes your pet unique. "Full face" photos work best if the face is not symmetrical - e.g. some dogs typically have one ear pricked up or tend to tilt their heads when listening, or perhaps they have unusual markings such as a blue eye and a brown eye. Otherwise a three quarters view can be a good option to make the composition more interesting.


Get a cat or dogs attention by saying something your pet understands, making a sudden noise or offering food or a toy. A high pitched "meow" often does the trick for dogs. Others are most alert when the owner walks off or is just out of sight. Horses may respond to the sound of a bucket of food.


It's usually best to take your pet's photo outdoors in bright shade or hazy sunshine. A flash or very bright sunshine should be avoided if at all possible. Crouch down so the photo is taken from the pets eye level and don't get too close to avoid distortion. Stay back and concentrate on the face without being too intrusive - we can 'zoom in' afterwards by cropping to head and shoulders.

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Archie - cockerpoo portrait

 Oh Sally, you have captured his personality to a tee! It’s truly wonderful and Jade will love it, thank you. 

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